Leveraging Personalized Data to tap into Customer-Centric Values

Reid Overcash, Chief Executive Officer, Heronmartech
Reid Overcash, Chief Executive Officer, <a href='https://www.cioreview.com/heron-martech' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>Heronmartech</a>

Reid Overcash, Chief Executive Officer, Heronmartech

I have always preached in the various companies I have owned and led that we needed to be “customer centric.” That is, we focus on making sure each of our customers are satisfied and we have good communications and respect their needs. At the same time, I’ve been told we have had a good working environment for employees and staff which goes hand-in-hand with putting the customer FIRST.

I have realized in the last few years that my (or our) focus was really with people, not entities such as a corporation. I’ve said before, you can’t trust a company or any other object. You build trust with people and serve people regardless if they are customers or employees.

As we were designing and working-out our master plan for Heron MarTech a few years ago, we wanted to develop technology that would serve people and help grow a client’s engagement with their customers and prospects.  ShareDirect became that product and laid a foundation for Personalization and Humanizing marketing and data capability. This was a couple of years ago, as we were just beginning to hear about those needs.

We worked very hard to create a unique, highly expandable technology making some judgments and taking some risks in how we designed and built our Personalized technology.

It takes ShareDirect to scale this process One-to-Many as you would One-to-One so it’s easy, accurate, and fruitful. The result is a deeper customer relationship not unlike the corporate philosophy I mentioned above. ShareDirect positions your customer representatives out front so they — and therefore your company — get credit for their expertise and the personal effort. All of this builds the foundation for improved retention, increased opportunities, and a visible differentiation with competitors.

We can do all of this with our unique Bi-Directional Engagement Sites and a variety of outbound media including email, social media and SMS. This innovative platform features a robust dashboard and data collection repository that’s easy to use and digest — so you can make smarter decisions. Charts, graphs, statistics, and our exclusive Engagement Score can be found for any level of user.

 ​We worked very hard to create a unique, highly expandable technology making some judgments and taking risks in how we designed and built our Personalized technology 

Not only do we collect First Party Data, we recently introduced the ability to gather Zero Party Data to create highly personalized customer interactions with increased confidence and accuracy, which is what today’s customers want and expect. We like to refer to this as the ShareDirect Promise:

We will provide you a scalable technology that:

● Creates an Account Based Relationship Strategy

● Connects your Customers with their Trusted Advisors (your representatives)

● Builds long-term Trusting Customer Relationships

● Enables you to Personalize and Humanize your brand for your Customers

● Scales One-To-Many as if it’s One-to-One

Now that ABM is the hottest topic in marketing ShareDirect fits perfectly into that process and philosophy. We like to refer to it as building Account Based Relationships.

● Personalized Marketing Channel

◦ Targeted “curated” content - “cut through the noise”

◦ Re-capitalization of marketing content

◦ Detailed usage statistics

● Profile Development

◦ Detailed profile for customer-facing personnel

◦ Detailed profile for customers/prospects

● Digital Relationship-Building

◦ Improved open/click rates in emails

◦ Notable traffic to Engagement Site

◦ Positive feedback to customer-facing personnel

◦ Reduced sales/renewal cycle

ShareDirect is an innovative ABM digital technology that provides your customers with a personalized and human experience allowing you to gain share of mind and share of heart resulting in ABR (Account Based Relationships). By providing personalized and ongoing digital engagement with your customers, we help build customer trust and promote your representatives as their trusted advisors. Our unique personalized Engagement Sites provide customer growth and higher ROI and our emails and other outbound technology are personalized to your customer and from your rep which we call the Virtual Handshake.

The ShareDirect platform collects Zero and First Party Data that enables better decision making and management across all accounts and helps you engage one-to-many as you would one-to-one. The technology can be managed centrally (by the ShareDirect team) or individually through master templates and dynamic content providing ease of use for all roles.

As I think back to how our technology represents a true customer centric approach of building trust and Account Based Relationships, we think “value” is a good measuring stick. If you can find value in the data/metrics collected and analyzed, value in customer personalization and a human approach, value in getting credit for your reps and company, and value of the automation of one-to-many as you would one-to-one you might find this a very good solution.